A Word from our Author

The significant changes that have taken place in our legal system have necessitated a new edition of these documents. Accordingly, every section has been updated and brought into line with recent legislative changes.

Since the inception of this publication in 2018, it has been my intention to provide clear and user-friendly documents for the use of business people in south Africa. naturally, when agreements of a complex nature are required, the services of an attorney are essential. it is impossible to pinpoint every area where legal difficulties may be encountered. some typical situations which could give rise to complex documentation are partnerships, shareholder relationships, franchise agreements, sales of companies and of land, etc. A wide range of basic precedents is covered in this publication, but if in doubt as to the complexity of the agreement or if dealing with substantial amounts of money, always consult your attorney.

The current issue contains a new and valuable section on information technology / cyber law which will ensure the legality of ebusiness practices the ever important labour / employment section has been expanded to include summaries of the Basic conditions of employment Act, the employment equity Act, and the occupational Health and safety Act, all of which must always be available at the workplace. in addition, guidelines are included for employment equity and workplace skills plans. special help is at hand for the entrepreneur in the new My Business section. Various forms and guidelines are provided to assist with black economic empowerment compliance and with setting up and marketing a business.

Preface to the revised second edition
As a result of the profound effects of the new national credit Act 34 of 2005 which came into operation on 1st June 2007 and the new consumer protection Act 68 of 2008 which came into operation partially on 24th April 2010 (sections 60 and 61) and fully into operation on 1st April 2011 and the new companies Act 71 of 2008 and its Amendment Act which came into operation in march 2011, it became necessary to revise the relevant sections and forms of the second edition to comply with these new enactments. March 2019

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