How These Documents will help you


Fellow executives, like you, I run a business, and I want to run it efficiently and profitably. in the past I attempted to write my  own business agreements only to find they were of no legal standing. That’s when I decided to publish Business & Legal Documents’. Today, I can write a legally correct letter of appointment or dismissal or draw up an acknowledgement of debt in five minutes. A lease, restraint of trade or partnership agreement may sound complicated. But now none of these presents a problem for me even though I don’t have a legal background.

‘Business & Legal Documents’, which never leaves my office, instantly supplies me with ready-to-use legally correct documents, and I don’t have to pay a lawyer to prepare them. in fact, a practising Johannesburg attorney has carefully prepared all of them; and their value would be hundreds of thousands of rands if he drafted them individually.

Since its first edition in 2018 thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate executives of small, medium and large businesses have saved money, had their rights protected and avoided tax, employee and other problems using this file of convenient business documents. Now in its second edition revised, Business & Legal Documents’ has been updated and expanded to meet today’s requirements, and remains the key to increased profits, productivity and protection for your business. Improve efficiency: time is money. these ready-to-use documents can be easily and quickly completed, dramatically saving valuable time in handling paperwork and correspondence.
Save money on legal fees: your routine business transactions won’t require an attorney with these documents on your desktop. not only will you save in legal fees, but of greater importance, these documents can prevent legal problems later. even if your attorney reviews the completed forms, you’ll save considerable money.
Communicate effectively: with the total set of documents in this file you will always clearly and unambiguously communicate your intentions and business needs. this can eliminate confusion and disputes.  Safeguard your business: strict laws in many areas from employment matters to spamming to wills prescribe what your communications must – or must not – say. incorporating the right terminology, these documents will not only help you avoid needless liability, but you’ll have terms and conditions to protect and benefit you.

Increase profits: by building sales, slashing bad debt losses, improving collections, reducing costs, and buying goods and services at better prices and terms.
Enforce your legal rights: there’s no substitute for the old adage “get it in writing”. many contracts cannot be enforced unless in writing. in fact, documentation is required to enforce your rights in all business dealings. Fortunately it’s so easy to get organised with documents on hand, and they can be your first line of defense if you’re challenged.
Comprehensive in coverage: this file provides all the common documents you can safely use as you deal with suppliers, customers, creditors, landlords, tenants, employees, bankers, government agencies and just about anyone with whom you’ll do business. documents for virtually every purpose have been
included and will be ready at your fingertips.

Easy to use: not only will this file help you operate your business with greater efficiency, but you’ll find it exceptionally easy to use. unlike documents written by lawyers for lawyers, Business & Legal Documents’ uses concise, easy to understand language. simply find the appropriate document, complete it and it’s ready to sign and work for you. within a few minutes your transaction is properly documented. Can there be an easier way to obtain the protection you need?

A word about your attorney
No book can take the place of an attorney where legal representation is required. ‘Business & Legal  Documents’ is no exception. the documents in this file have been carefully considered for appropriateness for self-completion. nevertheless, as with any legal matter, common sense should dictate when it’s time to use an attorney rather than rely on a document, from this or any other source. Consult your attorney to draft, or at least check, your complex agreements or for any transaction  involving substantial amounts of money, or for any matter where you don’t understand the proper use of a form or if you have any doubts about its adequacy to protect you on a particular transaction fees.

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