Tips to Use your Word Docs

Your Word Documents are specially designed so you can print them out for self-completion by hand or customise them on your PC. Use these tips or refer to the help menu in Word to give your documents a more professional look.

When customising a document always save it to your PC for future reference.

Most of the blank spaces to be filled in are in cells in Word tables. To complete the ‘blanks’ first delete unwanted lines with your delete key and then type in the text e.g. dates, amounts, etc.

A cell will automatically increase in size according to the amount of text you type. To manually increase/decrease the length of a cell place your cursor on the right-hand end of the cell and drag the double-sided arrow left or right, as required.

To delete a paragraph / clause select and delete; to delete a cell, right click and select ‘delete cell’. Renumber clauses manually.

To accommodate your letterhead you may have to adjust margins – Select ‘File’ on your toolbar, then ‘Page Setup’ > ‘Margins’.

To add/delete headers and/or footers – select ‘View’ > ‘Header and Footer’.

To automatically number the pages of your document use the functionality in the header and/or footer.

To see if your document will print in the printable area of the page select ‘PrintPreview’.Adjust manually, or from the ‘File’ drop-down menu in ‘Print’ select ‘print to fit’ for an automatic fit.