2.20 Pre-Employment Checklist

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Should be used as a means of verification, when an employment application is being processed.
Employment Interviews
Medical testing is dealt with in section 7 of the Employment Equity Act (EEA). See summary, Form 2.8. It provides as follows:
(1) Medical testing of an employee is prohibited, unless:
(a) Legislation permits or requires the testing; or
(b) It is justifiable in the light of medical facts, employment conditions,
social policy, the fair distribution of employee benefits or the inherent requirements of a job.
(2) Testing of an employee to determine that employee?s HIV status is prohibited unless such testing is determined to be justifiable by the Labour Court in terms of Section 50 (4) of this Act.
Psychological testing is dealt with in Section 8 of the Act. It provides as follows:
(1) Psychological testing and other similar assessments of an employee are prohibited unless the test or assessment being used:
(a) H as been scientifically shown to be valid and reasonable;
(b) Can be applied fairly to all employees; and
(c) Is not biased against any employee or group.