She has deep knowledge about data recovery and loves to explore new technology and DIY tools. You will often find her giving photography tips and hacks. Select the ‘Burn’ option to copy video_TS folder files to DVD. Connect your Windows PC to the Internet to install Adobe Premiere Pro if you don’t have it. Before installing, make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirement to run Premier Pro. Then sign in and follow the on-screen instructions.

After your device restarts, you’ll see a list of options. Select option 5 from the list or press F5 for Safe Mode with Networking. Starting Windows 10 PC in Safe Mode can help you fix some problems with your computer. Check the 6 ways to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode to diagnose and fix issues on a Windows 10 PC. If you have data loss issues during the process, you can download and run EaseUS data recovery software to restore data. On the Windows sign-in screen, press and hold the Shift key, while selecting Power and Restart.

Top 6 Popular Applications to Take a Screenshot on a PC

Here press the 4 key or f4 key to launch Safe mode. Alisa is a professional English editor with 4-year experience. She loves writing and focuses on sharing detailed solutions and thoughts for computer problems, data recovery & backup, digital gadgets, tech news, etc.

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Windows 10 offers at least three keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots of the entire screen. While several professional commercial tools are also available, you could start with PicPick, as there is also a free version for home users. Installing PicPick in Windows has many other advantages. For example you can easy crop a captured image or to add marking arrows, effects, annotations on the image.

Step 1. Open Administrator Command Prompt window

This Windows screenshot software will recognize your window smartly. Launch the app from the Start Menu and click on the new button inside the tool to start the screenshotting process. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + N after launching the tool.

All Read more of the Windows screenshot taker tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you take screenshots frequently and want more flexibility than the built-in features, , a third-party tool is your best option. ShareX is a free and open-source screenshot tool that has been developed for over 11 years. It allows you to take a screenshot or record any section of your screen and then quickly share it with others. ShareX also lets you upload images, text, or other files to many supported destinations you can choose from.

Some optical drives are designed to operate lying flat on a desk or other surface, while others are designed for vertical use. There are even some drives that can be operated in either orientation. Depending on your available space, a drive that supports vertical orientation may be a more convenient option.